The recurring cost of providing telecommunication infrastructure and global network access for real-time voice services has not been eliminated as many had hoped through advancements in unified communications. Instead, expenses have re-distributed to other budget categories. The needed to allocate and account for the most expensive communication services is still needed. Predictive UC Analytics solutions provide real-time rating and allocation services designed to address the billing needs of service providers, large enterprises, and universities. Predictive UC Analytics’s flexible and accurate telecommunication expense management (TEM) feature set provides a unified billing platform for disparate technologies when every penny counts. An ideal solution for service providers, medical centers, and universities.

Billing & Invoicing

Predictive UC Analytics recognizes billing platforms are backend systems that are key to the service providers success. The ability to align a scalable, yet cost-efficient, solution supporting individual customer rating and provisioning requirements is a ‘must have’. Predictive UC Analytics provides flexible rating options, automatic provisioning, and distribution controls to deliver customer bills electronically, as wells as, export options to forward bills securely to another internal billing platform.

Month after month business, medical center, and university staff struggle by manually correlating bills from multiple service providers into meaningful expense categories. Bill verification and expense distribution of long distance, local access, and mobile services are a continual burden for over allocated resources. Predictive UC Analytics is designed to automatically collect, classify & rate, then distribute automatically as instructed.

Rating with Global Dial Plans

Predictive UC Analytics provides flexible rate methods to match service provider offerings regardless if the service is for land lines or mobile services. Simple user interfaces enable manual entry or importing of provided cost-bands, mileage-bands, step-rates, simple duration by class-of-service, and meter pulse. Real-time costing supports native currency with automatic currency conversion as well as mark-up, mark-down, minimum cost per call, surcharges.

In addition, rating methods can be applied not just to call activity but Video, Application Sharing, and Collaboration usgage. Rates can be assigned by trunk or trunk group, port, by customer, by department or organizational level, extension, source and destination, or any derivative of time.

Recurring & Non-recurring Expense Management

Billing and cost allocation typically include expenses other than just the cost of call activity. Traditionally, Telecommunication Expense Management (TEM) systems include the ability to historically track one-time and recurring charges for expense types including activation and ongoing maintenance fees, equipment lease charges, and overhead costs associated with PSTN connectivity. Predictive UC Analytics' Expense Management supports flexible distribution of telecom expenses plus the added benefit of rating video and Application Sharing technologies like Cisco WebEx. In addition, as a complete solution the ability to apply federal, state, and local taxation is included to ensure service regulatory mandates are met.