Quality of Experience

Quality of Experience in telecommunications terminology, it is a measurement used to determine how well that network is satisfying the end user's requirements. In contrast to Quality of Service (QoS) a measurement of network operating conditions such as noise, crosstalk, or lost or dropped packets, in telecommunications terminology, QoE takes into consideration the end-to-end connection and applications that are currently running over that network connection and how multimedia elements such as Internet video or IPTV networks are satisfying or meeting the end user's requirements.


How does Predictive UC Analytics improve the Quality of Experience?

Predictive UC Analytics improves the quality and user experience by statistically trending, identifying, and alerting system administrators of critical issues before they become critical. Continuous monitoring of system activity provides acelerated value by leveraging historical trends for smarter capacity planning, relieable adoption measurements, and QoS monitoring. Finally, Predictive UC Analytics provides the unique ability of TEM solutions to charge back departments, business units, or customers to better fund future expansions.

Desktop Conferencing

Desktop video conferencing adoption is growing, and IT departments are installing and integrating the technology to maximize productivity. Whether it's room-based video conferencing, desktop video conferencing, telepresence or a combination face-to-face collaboration brings distributed workforces together for success projects.


How does Predictive UC Analytics track Desktop Video Conferencing?

Consolidated visibility into both room-based and desktop video collaboration environments is performed through Predictive UC Analytics's ability to aggregate session information from a plurality of conferencing technologies. Session detail, summary views, and statistical trending provide historical and real-time visualization of sessions to align mission critical unified communication services with business objectives. Predictive UC Analytics then makes information actionable with instant alerting on user-defined criteria. TeleMate's provides it's analytic solutions in the cloud, on-premise or as a hybrid deployment to meet the most complex enterprise requirements.